Port of Tacoma Industrial Stormwater Requirements

Industrial stormwater could be considered to include stormwater runoff from any conveyance which is used for collecting and conveying stormwater, which is directly related to manufacturing, processing, or raw materials storage areas at an industrial plant, and is required to have an NPDES permit in accordance with 40 CFR122.26(b)(14)(i-ix and xi) based on the Port of Tacoma’s definition “Stormwater Associated with Industrial and Construction Activity” in Appendix A of the Stormwater Management Plan (Port of Tacoma,2015). These facilities, if they do not already have an Ecology permit, are subject to the requirements of the Port’s MS4 permit as they relate to industrial stormwater. Additional information on Port of Tacoma requirements for Stormwater Associated with Industrial and Construction Activity is provided here.

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