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Industrial Stormwater

The Stormwater Community of Interest (SCOI) is a collaborative group focused on improving water quality in the Puyallup Watershed by helping industrial businesses manage their stormwater more effectively. We provide education and assistance to local businesses to help improve and continue their work on mitigating environmental impacts and help share stories of their hard work and environmental victories with the public.

The SCOI partners include individuals from a diverse group of organizations, businesses, and agencies located in the Puyallup River Watershed and the City of Tacoma. We don’t enforce regulations; we work with businesses to help them comply with stormwater requirements and permits.

Stormwater is the number one pollution source in Puget Sound. Each year, the Puget Sound basin receives an average of more than 370 billion gallons of stormwater runoff from roadways, urban spaces, and industrial facilities. Businesses often face pressures to reduce their environmental impact without adequate resources and education to help them make effective improvements. The SCOI provides these necessary resources so businesses can address environmental concerns while focusing on their bottom line.

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Areas of focus

Navigating your permit

New to the permit or have new challenges at your facility?

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Stormwater Management Resources

Need financial assistance or want to hear how your neighbors are reducing their pollution?

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Regulatory Information

Need help identifying and interpreting stormwater requirements that apply to your facility?

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