About the Stormwater COI

The Stormwater Community of Interest (SCOI) is a collaborative group working to reduce stormwater pollution. SCOI partners include individuals from a diverse group of organizations, businesses, and agencies located in the Puyallup River Watershed and the City of Tacoma. There is always room at the table for more partners and community input.

The SCOI initially focused on Tacoma’s industrial Tideflats area due to the concentration of industrial businesses and the pioneering environmental programs of the City of Tacoma and Port of Tacoma. We have expanded to support industrial and commercial businesses throughout the Puyallup River Watershed using tools developed in these early efforts.

Polluted stormwater runoff is the number one threat to Puget Sound. To better respond to water quality and community need in the watershed the SCOI will be working to expand programming to include residential and community stormwater concerns. New programming will break down barriers for community members to take action in their daily lives to protect Puget Sound.

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Historically the Tacoma Tideflats area was an estuary that performed functions that improved water quality. However, over the more than a century of industrial use, most of the Tideflats has been filled and largely covered with impervious surfaces. View a story map about the history of the tideflats.


  1. Building a library of tools and resources to help businesses be environmentally responsible.
  2. Fostering communication between stakeholders around needs, experiences, and impacts of stormwater requirements.
  3. Identifying groups that we can support or collaborate with to magnify our impact.


Our work leverages the decades of work that have been done by our partners, their projects and programs dedicated to improving the quality of industrial stormwater. We are proud to bring together these dedicated professionals to help tackle the complexities of industrial stormwater; and there is always room at the table for more community input and partners.

Port of Tacoma
City of Tacoma
Department of Ecology
University of Washington
Tacoma Pierce county health department
Center for urban waters
Washington stormwater
Pierce conservation district
Associated Petroleum Products
Trident seafood
CatchAll environment


The SCOI is guided by a long-term strategic plan, which helps a broad range of stakeholders set priorities and allocate resources. Learn more about our approach in these foundational and guiding documents.

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Our work is made more powerful with more members! See our calendar for dates and locations of upcoming events and activities. For more information on how you can help improve water quality in the Puyallup River Watershed and Puget Sound, please contact:

Carrie Hernandez